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Live Video Online Workshop $44

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" Learn Magic Visualization to Attain your Dreams" Using Thought to Manifest Goals in Life!

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You too can Win the Gold Medal of your Dreams!

Master Toledo will show you how to put yourself into Theta Wave Brain Frequency using "Hypnosis" and the Process of Visualization.

Whatever you want to happen in Life, even to win a Drawing by Luck "Will happen".

Come join the fun and Create Your Dreams to come True using Thought !

Testimonial: Manifestation/visualization 2/23/16

I went to Master Toledo class on "Manifesting" and I Manifested how to tie my shoes because I did not know how. And then at school, I counted from 10 to 0 and got an A plus on my Math.

And then at my Carnival I Manifested to Win my "Crazy Cart" at my Carnival at School and I Won it :)

And my name is Joey Piro (11 years old)

Master Toledo is a Certified Hypnotherapist,Tibetan Shaman,See'r, Qigong Master.