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What is Pride? Here is some words of wisdom:

" A Proud man is always looking down on the things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you." -- C.S. Lewis

" Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you." -- Andrew Murray

" Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold." -- Thomas Jefferson

" Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying." -- St. Vincent de Paul

" It's better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride." -- John Ruskin

" Wealth is a gift from God, and pride is bequeathed to us from devil." -- Douglas Wilson

" Learning to live on less pride has been a great investment in my future." -- Katerina Stoykova Klemer

Well, I believe most of you will agree with these words of wisdom, hope will bring you a great investment in your future. It's a good thing!

Be a encourager

For the last so many days, every day when I turn on the TV, there is always some heartbroken news! I believe all these news can bring worries to people around you, and I believe this is also the time we need to be a encourager to those around us.

A lot of times what come out of our month can bring more worries to others or can bring comfort and motivation to others, so choose the right words is so important in life in all situations.

One of the good things to remind us is to focus on how to overcome when something happen in life, and how to be calm during the tough time. It's always easy to say but hard to do, but if we willing to practice often and do Self Talk daily, than we can use it whenever we need! It's a good thing!

Give time!

Most of us were born without patience in life, it took me a very long time to learn that every good thing in life it will take time to come when we are willing to work with and willing to wait for the result, I mean " give time"!

We do understand the concept of " give time", but we still go through it with worry and distrust our own abilities.

I love the movie "On Golden Pond". There is an old couple,the wife is very cheerful and loving, The husband is very different from her. He often get to be a little rude to people, and one day this wife have to explain to their soon to be grand-son: the reason he is like that, is because he is still searching for his life.

Wow! what a wonderful wife with understanding of her husband. We often unhappy with some family or friend in life, some time it really get on our nerve, but what she said in this movie, it really open up my mind about how to give time to the people in our life. Just love them and understand each of us take different amount of time to get to their goal, even some of them are much older already.

The good news is that when we are "Open Mind" and give time to people and to our goals, everyone will enjoy the benefit while we are in this progress! It's a good thing!

Love our country

I thank God everyday for this great country I am live in!

I thank for the freedom!

I thank for the opportunities!

I thank for the beautiful places we can travel to!

I thank for the happy people!

I thank for the polite people!

I thank for the good foods!

I thank for the willingness to change for the better!

I thank for the daily improvement for the country!

I thank for the safety!

I thank for the .............................................

There is so much more reasons to love our country, when we focus on it with right attitude, it will bring smile on your face, and confidence in your spirit! it's a good thing!

About people skills

What are the people skills? The answers is :

A set of skills enabling a person to get along with others. A British definition is " The ability to communicate effectively with People in a friendly way, especially in business.

In Portland Business Journal, People skills are described as :

Understanding ourselves and moderating our responses Talking effectively and empathizing accurately Building relationships of Trust , Respect and productive interactions

Well, the fact is that people who have worked on People Skills are usually more Successful in Personal and their Work places,because they Understand and have Mastered the basic to have a Happy Life is Always be Patience, be Tolerance and be Respect in life. So, if we are not as Successful as we want to, find out how to improve our People skills. It's a good thing!

Focus what is positive daily

I saw a very meaningful movie last night, it's about this mother visiting her son and confronting the adult son that he has been a big roadblock in her life, and she told him the reasons.

Well, he never get angry or talk back, he went on to wish her well, and continue to focus on his work. I'm sure his heart was broken for a few minutes, but very soon he choose to put focus on his work.

I admire this mother's honesty, and I do wish she did find some good in her roadblock, and I also admire her son's clear mind, know how to handle life with calmness and wisdom.

We will always have things daily to break our focus, and it's important to feel it, but it's even more important to go right back on what is Positive to do NOW! so we don't stay down too long. It's a good thing!

How deep is your pet's love to your life?

My wonderful little bird just passed last week, my heart is so broken, I have just lost one of my best friend, a true friend!

The fact is that he is always there when I need him, and he is always cheerful, and he is always loyal to me, and he never talks back to me:)

He is so happy to see me in the morning, and ready for me to feed him, he loves when I clean up his cage, and he loves when I touch him and play with him,he loves when I kiss him, he loves when I dance around his cage, he loves when I singing my heart out to him with my terrible voice.

I thank God to give the loving pets to our life to make up for some of the disapointment from our life! Its a good thing!

What is the basic in life?

I'm sure everyone has a different view about their basic in life, because we all come from different backgrounds, we all have ways to do things, we all think different in many ways, and we all live with different people.

Wow, that is a lot to deal with in life, but when everything comes down to it, the basic in life is pretty easy and simple to follow, that is if you learn how to make it simple in life.

I recently talked to a friend about how to make a good decision when you are facing a tough situation with a relationship.

My reply is : no matter who is right or wrong, first we should be calm and wise, something you can do and solve right away.

Sometimes you just have to wait and see, but most important is understand how to forgive others or self.

It's always good to be calm , be patient, be kind, have understand and knowledge about what is happening. When we are kind, even at that moment when it looks like we lost, but somewhere in time all Truth will be revealed. You will always know that was a good decision you have made.

So, let's be happy each Beautiful day we are living , knowing the basic in life, and follow through it. It's a good thing!

Have stress free holidays

We all heard that in each joyful holiday season, that it is also the time when most heart attacks happens, and I am sure most of us understand that too much of stress will cause heart attacks.

So the reminder of this prevention is to making sure we will do things more calmly, and do not over eat or drink, do not spend the money you don't have so you can make someone happy.

Know when to take a tea break, know when to do your daily exercise, know when to have quiet time, know when to take a nice hot bath, most of all, know when to treat yourself with a sweet sleep:) It's a good thing!

At this Thanksgiving

I give thanks for the air to breath,

I give thanks for the food to eat,

I give thanks for the water to drink,

I give thanks for the car to drive,

I give thanks for cloth to wear,

I give thanks for the home I live,

I give thanks for the safety whatever I do and wherever I go,

I give thanks for all my family,

I give thanks for all my friends,

I give thanks for the great country I live in,

I give thanks for all the happiness,

I give thanks for abundance,

I give thanks for my health and strength,

Most of all, I give thanks for the everyday blessings from our God!

So, love your life, and always give thanks and always love your God!

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

It's that time of the year, I am so thankful this wonderful holiday, it just reminds busy working people that it's time to relax and it's time to show Gratitude. I truly believe that every person on earth has a heart of the Gratitude, some more toward people, some more toward God. To the people who still taking their time learning about giving Thanks, the good news is - the end result is always good to your soul. My Father always reminded the kids, that when you give Thanks to someone, make sure it comes from the heart, and if you did not get the result you want, just be patient, it will surely come.

Here is some quote to bring wisdom to our life:

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more, if you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. - Oprah Winfrey

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse. - Henry Van Dyke

You may have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There's another day you might want to know about: Giving Tuesday. The idea is pretty straightforward. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, shoppers take a break from their gift-buying and donate what they can to charity. - Bill Gates

Over and over I marvel at the blessings of my life: Each year has grown better than the last. Lawrence Welk

If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share, - W. Clement Stone

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving Day!

How to stay calm

Human beings often go through up and downs, so do their moods.

The side effects of these mood changes is that you can offend people at home or coworkers for no reason. Well, the good news is: that it is not your fault, it really is caused by many reasons.

Most of the time it is because our body and mind are super tired, or it could be we did not sleep well, or maybe we need to eat right type of foods.....................

I found when I catch myself feeling up and down, I will go out of my way to find something cheerful to watch or read, or just put on very soft music to listen. I will feel great quickly, once I made this effects. Some time its good just call a good friend to have a healthy lunch together and have a good chat. It's a good thing!

When was the last time you celebrated your life?

As I always said that Life is a wonderful thing When we focus on the good. That doesn't mean don't pay attention on the issues in life. The good news is that we all know there is always solutions for most issues. It's up to us to understand when to take action for the issues in life and when to let go.

Well, how important do you think it is to celebrate our life from time to time?

I remember when we were young, our parents would take us out once a week to have a nice lunch or dinner together or just walk around the park to enjoy and celebrate the good life. I just love that, my heart always felt so happy inside knowing we were out to celebrate the good life, my father always reminded us that a happy life is knowing when to work and when to play.

I've heard story about a family friend who died so young, he worked so hard and never went out celebrate his life, he did save a lot of money, but he did not get a chance to enjoy his rewards in life! It's a heart breaking story and it's also a good lesson to remind us to go out to celebrate our life from time to time! It's a good thing!

Are you a failure?

Well, you are only a failure if you don't stand up when you fall!

Winston Churchill's quote -- Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of Enthusiasm.

I remember the line of work I did for 30 years require this quality, I remember each morning I will remind myself that always keep the good attitude and never give up no matter what happened.

As you've know, everyday in life is different, thank God for that, and we do have to go through some difficult time, and some time is so difficult to the point you feel like to just give up!

Well, that's when I say to myself "never never never give up," than I will look for what is the good in it.

I believe all things in life require this quality, and I believe we mankind all have this quality in us.

Just look all the great things are created in this world for us to enjoy it! And remember there is nothing we want in life will happen in one day. So always keep your Enthusiasm going in life. It's a good thing!

About Imagination

Here is some Quotes about Imagination:

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. -- Albert Einstein

Logic will get you to A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. -- Albert Einstein

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. -- Thomas Edison

Microsoft is a company that manages imagination. -- Bill Gates

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. -- Mark Twain

Hope you enjoying these meaningful Quotes and use your wonderful imagination for building only the good thing in life. it's a good thing!

Building good health

We all know how important is to have good health in order to live a good life, and we often not remembering to follow through the good health habits cause our busy life style or other reasons, so we got sick and wondering where went wrong........

I recently experienced terrible knee pain to the point that I could not walk, I got really scare and was wondering what was wrong. I thought I have been doing my walking and eating healthy with lots vegetables and fruit and not much meat and I should be enjoying the good healthy life, well, then I got to thinking really really really hard about this issues ( we often think harder when we are really really really hurting:)

Yes! I found the answer! The answer is that I have been eating something not as healthy with small portion at first, than it builds up to bigger portions and dumbly believing I can get away with because all the other good habits I had!

Well, that is a heavy lesson to learn, and I am so glad I was in such pain, otherwise I will never go out of my way to find a solutions. Now I am on my way to be healthy again, and will not (and hope not:)forget this good lesson in my life. It's a good thing!

Communication with the one we love

We often doing things for the one we love with a very good intention, but we not always getting a good result sometime.

For example: one of my good friend decide to make a surprise visit to her sister knowing the sister need a helping hand but not knowing that her sister already found a helping hand. The result of that is she end up have to cancel her trip she had a plan and feeling not loved.

Well, often most people do things with good intentions, but the important thing is that in our days now, everyone have their own plan, so it's very important to remember that whatever we are planning to do for others, it's always good to check with that person to see if they really need first, then follow with correct actions, then and only then will the result be the best for everyone.

It's a good thing!

Be Kind

I often hear my father said to all his children, " When speak to others, be kind and be sincere with smile, because the way you say it means everything". I believe that means " it's not what you say it, it's how you say it".

The fact in life is that when we communicating with people, in order to receive a good result, being kind and sincere is very important, because that is to show that person our respect to them, than the response from that person should be the same.

Most of people in the world do like to be kind to others. The fact is that being kind to others and self is a supper positive energy, and it brings good health to our life, and is a self-esteem booster. In order to be kind, I found few of the good tips I've learned;
1. Minimize judgement, 2. Be a good listener, 3. Be polite, 4. Be grateful.

As we know, these few tips are really just basic to live in a happy life, but sometimes we do forget about them, that's when we regroup and refresh the basics. It's a good thing!

Miracles happens everyday

When most everyone's mind are concerned about world's issues, because there is lots going on right now in the world, well, we've know that worry is a choice. But we can certainly pray for the best for this world, and prayers do bring positive energy to the world!

I really like what I heard from the morning show yesterday. This one man was interviewed by the reporter and he said, " I have to live each day without fear, and focus on what is good! ". I am sure a lot of you agree with him. I also saw this 5 year old boy, born without one of his arm, and he plays like a pro on the golf course. I bet he is not thinking about the world's problem, but only focus on how to play perfectly on the golf course.

Well, miracles happens everyday, I believe it will happen only when we making right choices. It's a good thing!

About making mistakes

All my life I had wrong idea about making mistakes in life is Un-wise and showing weakness of not paying attention.

Sometimes this may be true, but most of the time it is because we really don't understand that doing everything perfect takes a lifetime of learning and experience of making mistakes.

I often wonder how can a person who never make any mistakes try to offer advice to others?

It's like a person that does not know how to swim, and try to give a swimming lesson!

One of George Bernard Shaw's quote - A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than doing nothing!

I really like that, it release a lot of my stress.:) I feel much freedom when sometimes I am not in my best. I hope the stressful people out there can be free in spirit, knowing that real life is full of mistakes but willing to learn how to make things better every single time! It's a good thing!


The older we get the more we will understand the meaning of Purpose in our pain.

We all know without going through though Time, there is no way we can really "Learn the way of Life".

Its like everyone understands the concept of telling the kids do not touch the burner!:) and once they touch the burner and learned how it will hurts them, than and only than, they will not touch the burner again.

Now I understand the reason that why is my parent won't remind me(or they did and I did not pay attention) some of the "Not to do list". I believe is because they understand that I will only learn the lesson when I have the opportunity to experience the purpose in our pain.

Life is good, when we totally understand that when not so good things happen in life, look for the purpose in it, and when the good things happen in life, stay humble and share it if you can. It's a good thing!

Focus on the good news

The world is a little crazy this month, if you focus on it, it will really bring a huge pressure in life! As we know, when we focus on something we cannot do anything about, it's important to change focus quickly, find something will bring you a smile and focus on it. I believe when people stay calm and knowing what ever happen in life and in the world, there is always a way, and all good things or bad things will always end some time. This is the time to show that you can overcome anything depend on what you choose to focus on it!

Remember, the world is full of beautiful things, Let's focus on it! It's a good thing!

My Father

I love my father, he has passed almost 20 years, but there is not one day I don't think about him, he is the father that is a great leader in my life, his kindness, his smile, his wisdom words, his encouragement, his love of his family, his respect to his family, his great humor!

I always remember when I was very young, we didn't have a car, so he would take me to school every day with his bicycle, and he NEVER complained once! He was a man who didn't complain, but only come up with good solutions! He not just loved and respected his family, he had the same love and respect for all mankind! When he passed away, there were hundreds of people come to say good by to him and shown their respect to him!

I will say to the person who don't have father like mine, just look around, because its possible to find a great person who you can trust and respect and learn from their strength!

I loved my Father, I learned from him that no one is perfect, but everyone has their strengths, focus on the good in everyone and learn from it! It's a good thing!

What is your Focus on daily?

I sometimes catch myself with thoughts on something that are not as positive, and when I ask myself this question, it will always bring me back to the awareness to use my valuable time to Focus on something what is Positive for my life!

We all know when we sow cucumber seed, it will bring us the cucumber, and when we sow tomatoes seed, it will bring us tomatoes. It's simple concept for everyone to understand that in our life, when we thinking negative things, it will bring us the negative life, and when we think positive, it will bring positive life to us.

Remember our behavior follow our Thoughts. I love the movie " Hook ". In that movie, is that "Happy Thoughts" help Peter Pan bring back his Power to save his children from Hook, what a wonderful reminder for all of us!

So, ask yourself often : What do I Focus on daily? It's a good thing!

Why do we attack each other sometimes?

We all made this mistake in life from time to time - attacking each other by unpleasant words or actions, and we all know that is wrong, but we are still doing it!

I've heard a very wise advice from someone recently, he said : We should not waste energy attacking each other but use valuable time to attacking the true problems! I love it ! That is so good!

So, most of time the problems in life is that some of us are : Afraid, Jealous, Envious, Cruel, Angry, Insecure, and Unhappy.

We sometimes argue and attack each other. One of the reasons I believe is because the New World now is a huge melting pot, so our life experience have been very different in many ways. And when one of us try to change others views, it certainly will need to take a lot of Respect and Kindness to make it happen. Remember this, the biggest problem in life is our "Attitude" toward the problem!!

So, the good news is if we truly like to enjoy happy life, I believe being kind in words and actions is a wise way to go. Try it! It's a good thing!

About lacking Knowledge in things

Having knowledge in things that we need to know in life is so important. We often do not go out of our way to look for the knowledge we need to know. That's when we face the road block in life.

For example: If we want to have a cup of coffee, and not sure how to use coffee machine, than we not going to have a cup of coffee. Or if we want to teach our children how to love other people, but we don't first know how to show them our love, than they might not know the proper way to love in life, until we are willing to learn the knowledge and show them how to.

Learning knowledge in all things in life will take a lot of effort, but once we learned, and willing to practice until we are good at, than we can use it for a life time.

The good news is that we will benefit from it and the people around us too. It's a good thing!

About Self Confidence

Why do some people have more "Self Confidence" than others? I believe when we focus too much on what we want, it will leads us to NOT have time to have Gratitude for all the loving relationships and positive momentum.And when we learn to refuse to engage in backstabbing gossip and make an effort to compliment and praising other people, this action leads to building Self Confidence.

By looking for the best in others, we indirectly bring out the best in ourself! I also believe when our "Inner-Self" has peace, kindness, respect, good leadership and ALWAYS keep calm, it will lead to Great Self Confidence in life!

Life is Beautiful when we have Self Confidence. Albert Einstein says " Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"! What a Truth! We need to know there is no one on earth who is perfect. We are all here to learn Life lessons. If we always look for a perfect person to follow, we will Never find one!

But the good news is: We can always fine perfect God to follow!!! It's a good thing!


Relationships are a huge thing in our life. Without any relationship in life,will bring no emotions in life, that means everything will be feeling like nothing to us.

I once was a center of almost everything at work, because I was young and holding an important job ( at least I think so :). I have to always keep a good relationship with all the bosses and all the people who work for me, so I've learned how important it is to make sure all relationship are working well. As we know, life will be a little hard sometime, but if we keep the right attitude at all times, and remember to always be Calm and Respect others, things will always have a better result.

I admit that it's hard to please everyone, but if we stay Honest and good manners, it will make things easier, and if I really try and it did not work, that's when I will call a time out for more time to be calm and finding better solutions. It's a good thing!

Following the rules

I will never forget what my little niece ( when she was 5, now she is 18) told me one day when she was riding in my car, she said to me " Auntie, when the light turn yellow, that means slow down and get ready to stop for red light! Why are you keep going?" that was embarrassing.

We often not following the rules in life from time to time, sometimes it could be because we really have no choice, but sometimes maybe just because whatever the reason is.

We all know that the fact is if we follow the rules in life, we will always save us a lot of pain in life. I know it takes efforts to follow the rules, but the results are remarkable! It's a good thing!

Receive and give

I once heard this saying that : " You will never receive what you are not willing to give ".

I totally agree with the saying! My Father is a perfect example of giving. The best I always remember is that he love to help the one who need the help, or who don't have the ability to return his help, but I know his gift of giving is that all his life time, he had so many friends. Everyone loves him, his kindness and always smiling face really warm people's heart.

I remember sometimes he gave to needy people even when our home don't have a lot .I know he is not dumb, now I truly understand the secret when we give, it will bring love and harmony in life. Harmony will bring peace in our heart, and when our heart is peaceful, things will always go wisely and smoothly in life in all things. It's a good thing!

Happy feeling like on vacation everyday :)

We all know how Wonderful that Happy Feeling is when we take a Vacation !

We are already feeling good, even when we start to make the plans. That excitement is like nothing can really bother us, and while we on vacation, everything is Joyful. Nothing can really bother us !

Well, can you imagine if we can feel like that every day? It's possible! How? Well, it will take a little effort.

Maybe try this: before we go to bed each night, make a plan for next working day with healthy lunch and planning to find a peaceful spot and bring your IPod so you can listen to your favorite music while you are eating.

I believe your healthy lunch will give you all the energy you need for the rest of the day at work, and your favorite music will put you in the Happy mood to finish the work much more pleasant. Don't forget to planning a healthy dinner with a desert for your dinner!

All this Happy Thoughts and Good planning will help you feel like you are on Vacation because you won't have too much time thinking the negative stuff, even if you have to. It will be much easier for each day! It's a good thing!

About opinionated

The adjective of this word is - obstinate or conceited with regard to the merit of one's own opinions; conceited dogmatic.

When I was younger, I believe I was very opinionated most of the time, but now I understand that I was just being young and still learning in life. We all make the same mistakes by being opinionated from time to time. Some time we might be right, and other times we might be very wrong.

We all heard the saying " the Older the Wiser ". Why is that?

Now I know that's because the Older people have been Experienced many times the bad result of being opinionated in life.

It really hurts others when we don't listen when we need to. Well, if we can remember the Benefits to " Bend a little "or " Meet in the middle ", it should make daily life much easier for Happy days! It's a good thing!

5 reasons for being a Happy:) person

I happen to watch this show the other day. There are 5 people were sharing 5 different reasons for being a Happier person:)

1. don't compare

2. don't bad month

3. give gratitude

4. know when to say " no " with love

5. know when to say " I'm sorry " Sincerely

I love it and agree with all 5 reasons, because it's so simple and so Important in life. I always remind myself that we only live once. We are the only one who can choose to be Happy or not. It will take a little planning and take action, but the result is for a Happy life time!

Go for it! I know you can do it! It's a good thing!

Effects of what go in and out of our mouth!

When I was young, I always heard from my parents the effects of what go in and out of our mouth, which is that when, what goes in our month is healthy foods, than we don't really get sick often, and when, what go out of our month are kind words, than we will enjoy the good result of that.

Guess what? That is so true for my life! We often forget about the simple rules in life, and so we often get into unnecessary consequences of not remember things like that. But the older I get the more I starting to remember all the reminders from our wonderful parents. I guess after all the adversity we have in life, we do all the soul searching.

It all comes back to the basics our parents teach us:) but please don't blame on yourself, it's ok to make mistakes in life, that's when we understand the right and wrong in life, and knowing what's good to do and not to do any more.

So, we give the Honor to our parents for all the good advice they teach us, and try to follow through using the advice! It's a good thing!

Do Not Worry

I had head injured in March 2007, the result of that is that I could not see well, hear well, sleep well or think well. I have headaches 24/7, I starting to worry about my life ....

Couple of month later, on 6/26, my husband suggested bring home a bird for helping me make through my though time. At first, I guess the bird ( I call him Son now:) trying to get used to his new home, so he made a lot of noise from time to time which is not good for my head, but not long after, he became my best friend since I cannot really dealing with family and friends at the time.

One day, I open the Bible, on Matthew 6:26, it says " Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"

Wow, that is such a wakeup call from God! And what is really amazes me is the date he coming to my life is also on 6/26!! Wow! What more can I ask?

Today, I do still suffer the side effects from this injury, but now whenever I feel any worry come up to my life, I will always remember this scripture for my encouragement. It's a good thing!

Why manner?

I was raised in the family that is very big on good manners, I was taught that without manner is like a person without happy soul. My father is a perfect example for my life on manners. I later found out not everyone are with manner.

I ask my father how to overcome this. I remember he told me that we can choose to speak up with manner and kindness or walk away from it.

For 25 years, I worked in sales, I was always showing good manner to everyone, no matter what. I know when I go home at end of day, I feel happy inside because I did what is right. I sometime meet unpleasant people. I feel for them, I know there must something hurting them or other reasons, which is not my place to be concerned.

One thing I do know that most people in the world appreciated being treated with manner. I remember in 1986 I was working on Christmas day, I say "Merry Christmas" to everyone who come in the store, this one man took $20 from his pocket and hand to me, he said " I have been walking around all morning, you are the only person greet me with smile and say "Merry Christmas" "! I never will forget his happy face until this day!

I think it is not too much of effort to have good manner, especially to the person who lives under the same roof. It's a good thing!

Why are people being dishonest?

I remember one of the sales meeting I've enjoyed the most many years ago was called
" No doesn't mean No ". It is all about how people saying things not from their hearts sometimes, and the reasons is when we don't trust that sales person or when that sales person did not show good enough manners or when we don't have the budget for it or when we don't have enough information about the product, or " you have not earned trust from me yet " etc....

So, as for the salesperson the solution is whatever we do, always make sure treating each customer like they are the very first customer with fresh, happy, sincere spirit and willing to help them with finding what they coming for and take time to give information they need to know and then ALWAYS give them the Free Will to make their decisions,(oh! NEVER get mad) even if they say "No," but lots of time after they walk away and think about how well and with respect they have been treated, most of them do come back!

Wow, that take a lots of love and patient to do that:) It seems hard, but as you've know, practice make perfect:) I guess when we are willing to use this format in life for helping us and others to live a happier life, some time we will find out that person who always say "No" to us , maybe is a person who love us the most.Give it a chance. It's a good things!

Good driver tips = Happy life guide

A good driver ( happy life ) on the road needs to:

1. Attentiveness - Focus what's going on around, our split second reactions could mean between safe or unsafe results.
2. Scanning the road - Be aware in front, ahead and around, to avoid crashes in life.
3. Keep space between you and other car - Give each other a space is gift of respect and freedom to others.
4. Driving to conditions - Always drive within your comfort zone and observe advisory signs.
5. Blind spots - When we aware of the blind spot in relationships, we can look for improvement (or communication) to better the relationships.
6. Do not driving tired, intoxicated, drugged or distracted - Make sure your body, mind and soul are healthy so you can relate to others better for happier result.
7. Plan your route - Make a good plan in life will bring more of everything in life, no one can build a home without a blue print.
8. Night driving - If you can not see where you are going, take a break than go when your mind and vision are clear.
9. Seat belts - To protect from injure in life, our seat belts in life is our love, kindness, patience and forgiveness to others.

Hope you like this happy thought, it's a good things!

Having awareness of daily life

Sometime life can be complicated, good things may sound better than they actually are, or negative things might seem far more negative than they appear to be. But when we have the awareness of this, we will be more likely to be able to know the difference of true or untrue in life, and that will help us to make better sense of what goes on around us.

I often remind myself to be calm and positive, because when we are clam and positive, it will always give us more common sense for a better life. It's a good thing!

Learning when and how to turning off the sound around you!

The older I get the more I've learned when and how to turn the sound off around me. That includes what people say or the type music I choose to listen to,or the type of movie and show I choose to watch. I understand how the sound can be affecting our mood. Sometimes I know how tired I am but still want to watch TV, so I will turn the sound off. It's like watching the silent movie, but I found this action keeping me much calmer and reserve much less energy, and I feel less tired.... So my message is that sometimes in life it's good to know when and how to turn the sound off in order to keep us in the happy spirit and making better decision for the only life we will live. It's a good things!

What are we expecting in life?

I believe everyone on earth is expecting good things in life! And I believe that is a very normal thinking!

Well, the fact is that life is not always as good as we expected from time to time, we need to understand life is mixed with good, bad and ugly......

When I was young, I grow up thinking the world is beautiful always, as you've know, that's because our parents always there to protect us, and that's if you lucky like me who have a honest and kind leader in the house,the bad news is I depend on them so much, that is not good......

I remember one show I saw a while back, is about this intelligent father try's to teach his teen son about truth of life, he put all the monthly expense on a piece of paper, so the son will know when he moved out one day what to expect to make surviving and learning the importance of have a saving in the bank. So this always happy son now are facing the truth of life. When we facing the truth in life, some people will starting to worry, and you all know that worry will not solve things, but knowing what to do will solve all things in life. If you don't know how,as I will always say, please do your research or ask someone who knows how, that applies to anything and everything in life, and when things are not going your way, never point a finger to other people first, always remember when we point a finger to others, the other three fingers are pointing to ourself, so talk to the boss (yourself)first and finding solutions. So let's be strong, stay calm, happy and wise and go out of our way to understand we CAN expect a good life and there is always a way in life to making life wonderful and beautiful for yourself and for people around you. It's a good thing!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Why happy is so important in life? I believe when we are feeling happy, somehow it will always help make things easier in our life and for others as well. It will bring us more room to think and do things wisely. It will help us overcome adversity calmly......

So why some people can not be happier to make this world less intense? I think it could be they don't know any better, or they don't have a wise support group in life, or sometimes it could be because they want something but can not get right away......

I remember my father always reminded me that we won't always have everything we want in life. Sometimes could it be we don't really need it, or could be it's not the right time, but if we stay happy and calm, we will always find out the perfect reason later.

How about let us stay as happy as we can in 2014, stay with a group that is positive and wise. It's a good thing!

Enjoy the Freedom of an Outing

When was last time you took a short trip to somewhere that was outdoors with happy and relaxed people, pretty flowers, maybe by the ocean, maybe in the park, or just in a cafe. We somehow forgot that there is a wonderful world out there besides our smart phone, TV, internet....

It's so easy to build up stress by just staying in one little area and do your thing. I believe we did not come to this world just to do that. How about you? Plus there is much more fresh air out there for us to refresh our "Chi" for better health. I believe that you will agree with me on that! It's a good thing!

Who am I to judge?

When I heard the Pope Francis said " Who am I to judge? " to a interviewer few months ago, my tears rolling down on my chin. I have not hear words so kind and pure like that since my father pass. Where ever we go these days, it seems like everyone always judging someone. The fact is we all making mistakes daily, when we can just give a chance, sometime things may not be what we think, the worse things is when we judging someone, it will bring no peace in our heart, when we don't have peace in our heart, we won't be as kind as we should be, and it will become ripple effect. So , as you can tell, judging is not good for our daily life! The good news is each morning when you wake up, try to remember to make a commitment to yourself that you will be kind to people and to the world, than you will find yourself feeling the true Joy in life! It's a good thing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful day to sharing with people you know (or you don't know)! And let them know that you care and appreciate them in life! And what a Great Feeling to bring your Spirit up when you feel Happy and Thankful! If you look at the mirror when you are happy inside, you will always see a happy smile on your face:) It's called the " Million Dollar Smile " :) Also we all know that when we feeling thankful, it will influence everyone around us feeling happy and thankful too! The feeling is mutual!

So, in case there is someone you are not happy with them, maybe ask self " is how I feel about that person, hurting my life? If the answer is "yes", perhaps it's time to create a better relationship. Remember : most of time, only you can make it or break it ! If the situation is complicated, try to make it simple. It will work and it's never too late! May this Thanksgiving bring you happy heart, happy thoughts, and happy life! It's a good thing!

Good future will ONLY come when we make room for it!

One thing we all understand is that we can only refill something when it is empty, I believe that applies to our life too.It is like we can only put new furniture in the house when we clear the old furniture out..........

Forest Gump says that life is like a box of chocolate, I guess that means there is always something we like or we don't like in that box, and if we choose what we like and still appreciate the one we don't like as much , we will be happier, it's simple and everyone knows. I know( being there and done that:) it's really wasting time and energy to keep reminding self the unhappy part of life. I remember in my younger days when family used to celebrating Chinese New Year, my parents will always make sure the house is clean and clear in order for lucky God to come in and bless the family, it is so true! I love that Vibration, I think it's good to think like that everyday, not just in New Year time, I believe HOPE will bring happy life.

It's important to fill yourself each day with good advices and informations or talk to people who are wiser and positive, understand life is not always happy, but the good news is GOD gave us TOMORROW, and there is so many of TOMORROW!! Tomorrow means NEW opportunities! Wow! I love that!!

The Power of TOMORROW is so we can let go something we can't do anything about today and look forward for something we can do more positively TOMORROW!! It's a good thing!!

Why is Elvis Presley so loved?

I always enjoy so much Elvis's music.I feel the Love and Good Energy in his music. When ever I hear his music,it always makes me feel that Life can be Simple and Happy each day even when there is Adversity. There should always be a Solution!

I also sense his Kindness, as we all know Elvis love for his Parents and he loved and respected people where ever he went! Oh,and his Smile always makes people Happy! Happy! Happy! His example is good for the world, if we only live once, why not have the Good Attitude like him? It's good thing!

Good Health=Happy Life

The day you decide to have "Good Health" forever, that's when you starting to heal from all illness. It will take time and patience but you will get there.

Three years ago this month, My brain finally sink in that only I can heal all my illness.I talk myself into daily exercise, watch what I eat, and try to cook at home and cut down eating out.......etc

It sounds so simple but it was not easy for me to do all this things together in past 25 years.I guess once I set my Mind and Focus on it, it makes easier and easier. I do get lazy from time to time, but I refuse to give up. I know if I don't give up, It will be like the racing between Turtle and Rabbit.The Turtle takes one step at time and finally reach the goal. After all, we only have one Life to live, why not choose the better way.

The best news I can share with you is that it's never too late to start:) It's a good thing!

What is life to me now?

When I was younger, I thought that life is to have fun, working, making money, love your family, friends and country, buy what you want, eat , party, vacation and sleep. Wow! those were the good old days:)

And now, I know life is understanding that everyday is a good day if you know how to make it a good day! With what's happening in the world, I understand with my position right now, I can do nothing to stop the problem in the world, but I can do my part by staying positive and always have hope, I believe that good spirit will better the world and self rather than just being worry and sad.

I believe the most powerful person is able to be calm each day and to do good to others secretly. Everyone knows that love, hope and patient will conqueror any thing in the world. I believe when we have powerful happy thoughts each day, the whole earth will benefit it , especially self.

I also believe in order to always have an open mind to the world, it's important to know that willing to learn new things or the things we don't have any knowledge about no matter what age we are, that is a good thing!

"What makes people Happy or Unhappy"

I can say that is a Big Deal in Life. Oviously if you are a Happy person you will have a much Happier Life. And vise a versa. So what makes a Person Happy or Unhappy? I guess one of the reasons is: it is in their genes. I was lucky, since I was born as long as I can remember; I am just a Happy person. A lot of times the things that make people unhappy but to me it's like: Why? People often ask me why you are so Happy?

I guess there is nothing wrong with a person who is happy and there is nothing wrong with a person who is unhappy. It is however you Feel and that is important. Some people can be an unhappy person, and I am sure they are a Wonderful person inside. Maybe they were born with cells/gene makes them unhappy.

I was very lucky and I am very humble to say that I am happy and lucky to have a happy personality. What comes to my Mind is Why am I a happier person? I guess one of the reason is: I enjoy to see other people Happy.

Master Toledo always says,"In all things if you don't mind, it don't matter" ! As you know, a lot of times people do mind on certain things. But like I say they are Wonderful people, they just think different. We can not penalize them because they are who they are.

The older I get the more I realize and understand more of different Personalities in my Life, for that I thank God gave me a good Father. My Father gave me the Greatest Inspiration, it really helped along the road of my life, I can't think of any other person that can be as gentle but Powerful, Intelligent like my Father. I remember he always ask my Mom; don't punish the kids when they make a mistake. Sit down, communicate with them. Take your time, no rush.

But of course my Mother is not that kind of person (lol) Again, nothing wrong with her, it is just every person is different. But I do enjoy and I am Honored to have the top notch human relation lesson from my Father, just the way when he sit there, take his time, and explain everything Why when you do this the consequence is this or that. I am just so fortunate, blessed to have a Father like him.

Sometimes when I look at him I know how hard he works, but he always keeps the Happy Attitude. He does not complain, like many other people they hardly work but they complain so much. (lol) So I am glad I have the opportunity to meet someone Great like my Father!

To finish my first "Sharing Good Thoughts", I will close with, "Life is so Precious", and we all know that. We just need to have awareness of how to make better (not worse?), like I say the choices is ours. You can chose either or, and if you don't know how, find a Mentor who can guide you. Don't stay in the corner and not ask for help, because Life is Wonderful, so stay patient and reach out and Stay in the Happy Zone!

Take good care, talk to you soon,

Mei Mei

"Thought of Forgiveness"

Hi Everyone,

After I completed my first "Sharing Good Thoughts", it brings me back to the memory lane of when my Father was alive. He has been gone since 1995. But as most of you know they are always here. Their Spirit, their Positive Energy, just never go away. It's Wonderful!

I think about him all the time. I've learn how wonderful the Good Influence can be from your Parents, or your Brother, Sister or your good friends. The Power of good Influence is immeasurable. You cannot measure the Influence that People can give you. The only things is that sometimes you might depend on the Influence a little too much, so the key is knowing where is the fine line in everything in Life and create your own good life.

One of the things my Father always told me is: Have Forgiveness in your heart!

When I was younger I did not quite understand the meaning of " forgiveness", I always thought that forgiveness is when you forgive someone else's mistake, and you are doing that person a favor by forgive them. But the older I get, the more I understand that when we forgive, we are the one that has the most benefit or have the most Impact when we forgive someone.

I think Forgiveness is Huge in our life. Now when I think about forgiveness, it is Love. I mean if you don't Love people, how can you forgive them, and it is full of Passion, Patience and Kindness. It is a Greatest Thing! I also Believe when we forgive is best do it with a Pure Heart.

The fact is in our life we will all make mistakes. Lost count how many mistakes I have made in my Lifetime. I think forgiveness goes a long way, when we can also learn to forgive ourselves, and knowing that is super important, because a lot of times when we make mistakes, we actually forgot to forgive ourselves, than we become an unhappy person because of that. So I believe when we think about "forgiveness", it is good to understand how very important to forgive others as well as forgive ourselves too.

And I think after we forgive our Self or forgive someone, it is kind of like you make a Closure to that situation. Once you make that Closure, Life will go on with much more Positive Energy. I understand, sometimes some people may not have the Heart to forgive someone that did something really really bad to them. But I don't know if is really worth it to hold that against that person or that situation. Because when you really think about it, who will be the one gets hurt the most when we don't forgive?

That is my Thought of Forgiveness. I know a lot of times it is so easy to say, oh yeah forgive, forgive, forgive. But when we really get into the Deep Meaning of this Forgiveness, when we Understand How to do it, Why we do it, when we Understand Everyone on Earth makes Mistakes OFTEN and so when we Understand How to Forgive others as well as How to Forgive our Self, I Believe Life will be easier for you.

The bottom line is we all want to be Happy Smiley Faces, I know this is one of the most important things we need to have Knowledge about, and I feel this is something if we can learn when we are young, and I think our Parents (or the person who raise you) should be the best Person to show us How and actually Demonstrate the "how to" process of this Powerful Force in Life which is Forgiveness, than there will be endless Happiness for everyone to enjoy and share! Just remember that everything we learn when we are younger, it will be a big plus when we are growing up.

I will close for now. I would love for you to learn and to enjoy the benefit of Forgive others and to Forgive Your Self .

Take good care and talk soon.

Mei Mei