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Master Toledo

Master Toledo is a Tibetan Shaman , See'r, Qigong Master and Certified Hypnotherapist. The Universal Energy taped into Heals at a Distance using Ancient Tibetan Principles that goes back to 35,000 B.C. The "Primitive Bon Po " is our Tibetan Sect. There are no written records of our "Ancient Secret Teachings" in Tibet.

Our "Internal Kung Fu" is called Qigong. We are Qigong Masters from the "Wu Dang" Sect of Ancient China. The "Chi" Energy is embedded in the CD's offered in this Site for the Maximum Potential.

Master Toledo is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and into Hypnosis since 1967! His Attitude is Life: " A Good Day is a Day You Walk Above the Ground! "


Hypnosis is the "Art of Relaxation". It is a Process that Connects Your Subconscious Mind with your Conscious Mind. It is proven Man has a "Conscious" and a "Subconscious Mind". Everything We "Say and Do" are because of our Conscious Mind. Subconscious Mind Controls the Conscious Mind. Change the Subconscious Mind and your Conscious Mind will change! A example of Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind is an Iceberg in the Ocean. The Top of the Iceberg above the water is The Conscious Mind. The Bottom of the Iceberg below the water is The Subconscious Mind. The Bottom of the Iceberg is larger and More Powerful than the Top of the Iceberg. Atomic and Subatomic Particle is another example. Sub atomic is always more Powerful than Atomic. Conscious Mind is the Atomic. Subconscious Mind is the Subatomic.


By Programming your Subconscious Mind using Hypnosis, Talking to your Inner Self, you will change your Conscious Mind. When you change your Conscious Mind, all you "Say and Do" will change. This is how Hypnosis works. Like Programming a Computer. Hypnosis is Self Improvement!!


Hypnosis is the Twilight before Sleep. An example of where Hypnosis is: You are really tired and rest your head in the palm of your hand with your elbow on the table. You doze off for a split second and catch Yourself and before your head falls off your hand, you are in the same position. You were not really Asleep or Awake in that split second, that is where Hypnosis is. Scientist have proven the Brain has Brain Waves. These Brain Waves can be seen on a computer. There are 4 types of Brain Waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta When under Hypnosis, you are in Theta Brain Wave. Hypnosis is Therapeutic. In the past, Hypnosis was used to Control Minds in Stage Shows. In Modern Times, it is used for Health. Very effective, that is what I use it for.


  • 1) Stage Hypnosis- Hypnotize people to do silly things on stage.
  • 2) Dentistry/Childbirth-used when Pain Medication cannot be used.
  • 3) Open Heart Surgery-Patient listens to Hypnosis Relaxation Tape before the Operation. During recovery period, Patient listens to Hypnosis Relaxation Tape every day for Faster Recovery. Of Control group of 30 Patients, the 15 who listened to the Hypnosis Relaxation Tape Recovered 15% Faster. (20/20 Television Special)***
  • 4) "Stress Reduction"-for Trauma Crises Patients.
  • 5) Insomnia- Helps people who cannot Sleep at night.
  • 6) Quit Smoking-Using Hypnosis will work. Commitment is Critical.
  • 7) Pain Control-Hypnosis will Neutralize the Pain.
  • 8) Self Hypnosis-Using Hypnosis for "Self lmprovement"_Reprograming your Subconscious Mind how you want to be. You can change all your Negative Habits. You can Quit Drugs, Create a Positive Mental Attitude, Create Self Confidence, Focus better. Any thing in your Life you want changed, you can Attain using "Self Hypnosis"!
  • 9) Hypnotherapy-Finding out the Root of the Problem, than using Hypnosis to change the Thought Process that caused the Problem . There are 129 Medical Schools is U.S.A. Twenty One of these Medical Schools have "Hypnosis" as part of it's System. (20/20 Television Special)

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